When is it Time to Replace Your Home's Ductwork?

Ducts in most homes last 10 to 15 years before issues start to arise. If your utility bills are increasing, it could be due to duct leaks. Even if your air conditioning system is working properly, if the ducts are not maintained, the result can be poor air quality and reduced efficiency. Routine maintenance of your air conditioning system should include making sure that the ducts are clean and not damaged. So when your ducts aren't well maintained, you may need duct repair and replacement.

Like any other equipment, the duct system also ages. Over time, joints, seals, and connections can weaken and malfunction. As the duct network deteriorates, it can reduce comfort and increase energy costs. To avoid these problems, you should replace the ducts every 10 years. This way, you will ensure that the air ducts remain in good condition to provide high indoor air quality.

With proper maintenance, ducts can last up to 15 years. However, air duct seals, seams, and joints deteriorate over time. This deterioration can cause numerous air conditioning problems, such as poor performance, excessive energy use, and general discomfort in the home. Like other HVAC equipment, air ducts suffer natural wear and tear, so it's imperative that they inspect the ducts and possibly replace them. If you start to hear abnormal sounds, such as a rattling sound, as air flows through the ducts, it's time to call the HVAC technicians to have them changed.

While many duct systems can last a long time without problems, there may come a time when you want to replace or modify them. Although they are often forgotten due to their hidden location, air ducts need regular repairs, maintenance and replacement. Duct systems are strategically designed and installed in your home to cool or heat each space while maintaining optimal energy consumption, efficiency, and performance. If the ducts are already damaged and are in danger of attracting insects, you should consider replacing them. Sometimes the ducts can be dirty, making it difficult for air to flow freely through the system. You should do everything you can to inspect ducts and repair leaks and holes before they ruin indoor air quality.

Even if the size of the air conditioning equipment fits your home, the wrong installation or design of the ducts makes optimal efficiency and overall home comfort almost impossible. You see, the ducts in your home or business are responsible for moving large volumes of air between the air controller and the ventilation grilles of each of your rooms. If you think it's time to replace the ducts in your home's air conditioning system, you may be right. If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system produces a foul odor and you suspect mold in the ducts, call Air Tech of Central Florida right away. But how can you determine if your air ducts need to be replaced? Here are eight signs that indicate it's time for new ducts.

This may be due to faulty ducts that don't circulate enough air to some parts of the house. If there are holes in the ducts, you will also hear loud noises when air circulates through them. As a homeowner, you must understand that the air conditioning system consists of other parts such as ducts, which play an important role in ensuring that the unit operates efficiently.

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